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TEAK Coaching offers a wide range of consultative services to boards and officers of corporations, nonprofits, associations, and foundations. TEAK helps organizations reach their greatest potential by using a customized approach. Each organization has unique strengths, values, and goals. TEAK begins by gathering pertinent organizational information to tailor an engagement plan.

For example, the president of a charitable foundation was approaching retirement, and wanted to leave behind a solid assessment of the board and of the organization itself as a basis for moving forward. TEAK conducted a strategic visioning workshop with the foundation’s board resulting in a new strategic direction for the foundation. Presession work included:

  • Assessing the alignment of the board members’ perceptions of the foundation’s mission.
  • Examining board members’ perceptions of the role of the foundation in the community.
  • Investigating board members’ opinions about an appropriate strategic focus for the foundation.

Taking the time to understand the organization prior to the workshop enabled TEAK to help the foundation achieve more in a shorter period. In just a four-hour session, TEAK led the foundation to create a new mission statement, write a new vision statement, outline a new scholarship focus, discuss opportunities for grant program improvements, and identify governance priorities.

In another engagement, for a medical research society, the society’s focus was on execution. Our work was in three phases:

  1. Individual telephone interviews with board members.
  2. A one and a half day workshop to develop strategic goals, an operational plan to achieve the identified goals, and metrics to guide the society through 2020.
  3. A written report, which summarized the workshop and included TEAK’s recommendations for further steps.

The above illustrate only a few examples of TEAK’s work. Our strength is that we tailor consultative services to your particular needs. TEAK will help your organization to chart the correct course, whether you are seeking problem resolution, defining growth strategies, re-engineering services, or restructuring.

TEAK’s consulting expertise spans:

  • Governance & Board/Staff Relationships
  • Organizational Diagnosis
  • Vision & Mission Development
  • Vision & Mission Planning
  • Defining Goals & Objectives
  • Developing a Strategic Direction & Strategies
  • Establishing Metrics & Measuring Progress
  • Achieving Congruence & Alignment

All engagements begin with a focused exploration of your specific requirements and organization uniqueness. TEAK creates fully customized consultative services, which include identification of engagement objectives, phases of work required, an executive summary of the work accomplished, and recommendation for future actions. Our job is to be your guide, facilitator, devil’s advocate (eliciting more discussion), information collector, and at times professor (providing information on best practices).

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